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CRMS Stop Team

Student Team Outreach Program

What is CRMS STOP Team?

Sometimes students have concerns that affect their work in school. Physical, emotional, drug or alcohol problems can keep a student from doing as well as he/she could. The Stop team will accept referrals about students with problems from students, parents, teachers, school staff, or any concerned parent.

STOP is:
  • an identification program
  • intervention program
  • a place to look for current information on drug and alcohol and emotional struggles
  • a place to get counseling; although students can be recommended for counseling
  • a place for drug/alcohol treatment; but students can be directed toward it
  • a discipline program
When a students is referred to Stop, he/she may be interviewed by a team member and information may be provided for the student to access outside community resources. ALL REFERRALS ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL!!
Additional Resources:

Bedford County Children and Youth Services 814-623-4804

Child Line 1-800-932-0313

Mental Health CRISIS - 814-623-5166