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About CRMS

Chestnut Ridge Middle School houses approximately 600 students in grades 3-7 and underwent a major renovation in 2006 that provides a wonderful learning environment for students and staff.   Our goal is to provide students with an array of learning opportunities and experiences while focusing on a core academic curriculum.  A talented and dedicated teaching staff emphasizes active learning experiences in a safe and caring environment.  Middle school is a time of change for many students.  The workload, social adjustments, and physical changes for children are often great.  Everything is new and different, bigger and better.  At the middle school level students will have more freedom, more independence, and more responsibility.  On a daily basis students will have different classrooms, more teachers, and their own lockers to use. Our staff looks forward to partnering with parents to make every child's transition to adolescence a smooth and successful one.  If you would have questions, ideas or would like to visit, please contact us at 814-839-4195 Ext. 2501 or email me, Principal Greg Lazor, at:[email protected]