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Name Position Email
Knisely, George Principal
Isgan, Patrick Assistant Principal
Miles, Lorraine Secretary to the Principal

Chestnut Ridge Middle School

Name Position Email
Ballow, James Music
Barnes, Lori Office Aide
Bischof, Lisa RTI
Brambley, Sarah Gifted, STEM
Brown, Debbie Instructional Aide
Brown, Meghan Learning Support, Grade 7
Callihan, Danielle Science, Grade 6
Callihan, Elaine Math, Grade 6
Claar, Misty Language Arts, Grade 5
Clark, Cindy Guidance Counselor
Clark, Katharine Language Arts, Grade 7
Clingerman, Tammy Wellness & Physical Education
Corle, Tiffani Grade 4
Diehl, Dena Office Aide
Dillner, Bonnie Grade 4
Emerick, Elizabeth Guidance Counselor
Fleetwood, Sara Learning Support, Grade 6
Gathers, Keena Grade 4
Gebrosky, Julie Language Arts, Grade 6
Goodin, Sue Art
Gordon, Sharron School Nurse
Grubb, Molly Grade 3
Herncane, Stacey Grade 4
Kauffman, Kristen Grade 4
Kohler, Lisa RTI
Koontz, Chelciee RTI
Lafferty, Amanda Grade 3
Light,Sherry Grade 4
Mannion, Maria Grade 3
Meck, Randy Science, Grade 5
Mearkle, Kelsey Reading, Grade 7
Miller, Alyssa Grade 5
Miller, Lori Learning Support Aide
Miller, Stephanie Grade 3
Miller, Tonya Social Studies, Grade 6
Mishler, Rebecca Science
Muthler, Kate Math, Grade 7
Neatrour, Brandy Guidance/Library Aide
Price, Allison Grade 6
Porta, Laura Learning Support, Grade 4
Rizzo, Kevin Music
Rose, Marley Learning Support, Grade 3
Smith, Joshua Technology Coordinator, STEM
Shroyer, Vicki Librarian / Media Specialist
Solensky, Denise Grade 4
Sollenberger, Samantha Grade 3
Stiffler, Amanda RTI
Tew, Jason Social Studies, Grade 5
Wagner, Sue Music
Way, Valerie Learning Support Aide
Wentz, Marie Reading, Grade 5
Weyant, AJ Social Studies, Grade 7
Willey, Lori Technology
Wingard, James Reading, Grade 6
Wyles, Angela Learning Support, Grade 5