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Name Position Email
Knisely, George Principal [email protected]
Isgan, Patrick Assistant Principal [email protected]
Miles, Lorraine Secretary to the Principal [email protected]

Chestnut Ridge Middle School

Name Position Email
Ballow, James Music [email protected]
Barnes, Lori Office Aide [email protected]
Bischof, Lisa RTI [email protected]
Brambley, Sarah Gifted, STEM [email protected]
Brown, Debbie Instructional Aide [email protected]
Brown, Meghan Learning Support, Grade 7 [email protected]
Callihan, Danielle Science, Grade 6 [email protected]
Callihan, Elaine Math, Grade 6 [email protected]
Claar, Misty Language Arts, Grade 5 [email protected]
Clark, Cindy Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Clark, Katharine Language Arts, Grade 7 [email protected]
Clingerman, Tammy Wellness & Physical Education [email protected]
Corle, Tiffani Grade 4
Diehl, Dena Office Aide [email protected]
Dillner, Bonnie Grade 4 [email protected]
Emerick, Elizabeth Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Fleetwood, Sara Learning Support, Grade 6 [email protected]
Gathers, Keena Grade 4 [email protected]
Gebrosky, Julie Language Arts, Grade 6 [email protected]
Goodin, Sue Art [email protected]
Gordon, Sharron School Nurse [email protected]
Grubb, Molly Grade 3 [email protected]
Herncane, Stacey Grade 4 [email protected]
Kauffman, Kristen Grade 4 [email protected]
Kohler, Lisa RTI [email protected]
Koontz, Chelciee RTI
Lafferty, Amanda Grade 3 [email protected]
Light,Sherry Grade 4 [email protected]
Mannion, Maria Grade 3 [email protected]
Meck, Randy Science, Grade 5 [email protected]
Mearkle, Kelsey Reading, Grade 7 [email protected]
Miller, Alyssa Grade 5
Miller, Lori Learning Support Aide [email protected]
Miller, Stephanie Grade 3 [email protected]
Miller, Tonya Social Studies, Grade 6 [email protected]
Mishler, Rebecca Science [email protected]
Muthler, Kate Math, Grade 7 [email protected]
Neatrour, Brandy Guidance/Library Aide [email protected]
Price, Allison Grade 6
Porta, Laura Learning Support, Grade 4 [email protected]
Rizzo, Kevin Music [email protected]
Rose, Marley Learning Support, Grade 3 [email protected]
Smith, Joshua Technology Coordinator, STEM [email protected]
Shroyer, Vicki Librarian / Media Specialist [email protected]
Solensky, Denise Grade 4 [email protected]
Sollenberger, Samantha Grade 3
Stiffler, Amanda RTI [email protected]
Tew, Jason Social Studies, Grade 5 [email protected]
Wagner, Sue Music [email protected]
Way, Valerie Learning Support Aide [email protected]
Wentz, Marie Reading, Grade 5 [email protected]
Weyant, AJ Social Studies, Grade 7 [email protected]
Willey, Lori Technology [email protected]
Wingard, James Reading, Grade 6 [email protected]
Wyles, Angela Learning Support, Grade 5 [email protected]